The Mustard Seed is committed to partnering with cooperatives and artisans in developing countries to provide a market for their creations. Our partners pay a fair wage and/or allow the artisans to set the price for their products so that they can make a sustainable living and emerge from poverty. After expenses, we disburse our profits to organizations that empower women and children, both domestically and internationally. In nearly 7 years, we’ve shared over $211,000 with others. Our hope is that we can make a difference and do good through our shop. We couldn’t do it without the support of our customers and volunteers.

Not only does shopping fair trade help women around the world, it is a fun way to make a unique fashion statement! We thank all of our beautiful models for volunteering at our May fashion show: Susan Dick, Diane Ecklund, Chris Keller, Susan and Lucy Schlachtenhaufen, Caleigh Silver, and Mia Waligora.

Models Fashion 2015 Collage