Making An Impact, Near and Far…

The Mustard Seed is committed to donating its profits to organizations that support and empower women and children. Many of these women and children have HIV/AIDS or have been abused. After paying our operating expenses, we donate the full amount to organizations both domestically and internationally.

Since 2015, The Mustard Seed has donated hundreds of thousands in funds to women and children, both domestically and in developing countries. These gifts could not have been made without the generosity of our dedicated volunteers and the support of our loyal customers.


  • Breakthrough Ministries – Provides shelter and develops life skills for the homeless.
  • Beacon Place – Provides after school programs for children and their families in an underserved community.
  • By the Hand Club – Offers an after-school program that emphasizes academic excellence while nurturing the whole child—mind, body and soul.
  • Christopher Quon Foundation – Supports organizations that: fight pediatric cancer, develops youth through sports, and helps children in need.
  • Fellowship Housing – Serves the homeless and at-risk single mothers and their children.
  • Lydia Home – Provides short-term housing, foster care and counseling for families in need.
  • Mother’s Trust Foundation – Provides immediate financial support for families when emergencies arise.
  • Northern Illinois Food Bank –  Supports our hungry neighbors by providing nutritious meals through a variety of ways involving communities and commercial businesses.
  • PADS – Provides emergency shelter and supportive services to families with children and individuals who are experiencing homelessness in Lake County.
  • Reading Power – Provides a literacy tutoring program that serves children attending elementary schools in North Chicago.


  • Doctors Without Borders, Afghanistan – distributes funds for medical needs.
  • Hand & Cloth, Bangladesh – teaches life skills to women rescued from human trafficking.
  • HBI, Chennai, India – provides care for widows and orphans.
  • Healing Hands of Joy, Ethiopia – Provides care, training and funding for programs to care for Ethiopian women afflicted with emotional and physical pain of obstetric fistula.
  • HEART, Kenya – provides healthcare, a home and job opportunities for women with AIDS and their children living in one of the poorest slums in the world – Kibera, in Nairobi.
  • Hope for the Hungry, Gilberto, Haiti – supports orphanage needs and provides school fees
  • Hope for Life Center and Clinic, Kenya – provides help for over 175 vulnerable children (most left orphans because of the AIDS epidemic).  Built a clinic that provides healthcare for all the children and families at the Center.
  • International Justice Mission, Chennai, India – offers legal representation for those held in slavery and sex trafficking.
  • LACES, Liberia – supports a soccer program for boy soldiers enabling them to regain their childhood.
  • Kids Uganda, Uganda – supports the Maranatha schools in Uganda that provide education and housing to orphans.
  • Nakuru Aids Initiative, (Girls Shelter), Kenya – provides shelter, meals, education and job training for girls from the city dump.
  • Nakuru Aids Initiative IDP Camps, Kenya – provides aid to women and children refugees who have fled their homes because of ethnic violence. Offers seed money for businesses (e.g. silkworm project).
  • Right To Be Free, Ghana, – Our mission is to save victims of human trafficking (modern day slavery) while working to stop this criminal industry. We rescue and rehabilitate enslaved children, the most vulnerable victims of human trafficking, provide education outreach to at-risk communities, raise awareness to the public and work with various stakeholders to combat this criminal industry. 
  • White Rainbow Project, Vrindaven, India – provides a community center and work for abandoned widows.
  • YWAM, Gade Chew, Thailand – Gade counsels woman coming out of sex trafficking and helps them gain back their self-worth.
  • World Vision Organization, Kenya – builds clean water wells for the communities. (The Mustard Seed also provides monthly supports to an orphan named Blessey.)