Show Your Team Spirit With Our Roll On  Bracelets from Nepal

Each of our fair trade bracelets roll on to almost any wrist size. They are hand crocheted by artisans in Nepal and have a lifetime guarantee. We carry them in a range of colors and we encourage you to find your unique school colors as you go back to school. Whether you go to Lake Forest High School, Highland Park High School, Indiana University, University of Illinois or University of Michigan, we have multiple color combinations. They also enhance any outfit as you head to football tailgates or baseball games this fall (Go Bears! Go Cubs! Go Sox!).

The design focus has always been about color. The vibrant glass beads are sourced from quality manufacturers in Europe and Japan. All of the designs evolve annually and are the creation of the founder, Damian Jones, and the head designer, Wade Jensen, a graduate of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Aid Through Trade BraceletsThe bracelets are $14 each and we recommend you layer them for  impact.