Women smiling


 2016 Resolutions for Celebrating Craft, Culture, and Consciousness

  1. Plan a trip to an unexpected corner of the world. Whichever location you choose, make an effort to explore the intersection between community, culture, and craft.
  2. Stay educated about sustainable fashion and the social implication of women’s craft employment by picking up one of our favorite reads like Refashioned by Sass Brown or Half the Sky by Nicholas Kristof.
  3. Find repose in the meditative properties of creating by trying a new craft hobby. Weaving, knitting, silk screening, crocheting, and even coloring, have proven meditative benefits, and aid our lucidity and memory.
  4. Make a conscious effort to shop from sustainability-focused brands like West Elm and KITX.
  5. Raise your voice for good. Bring topics of creative expression, women’s empowerment, and global cultural awareness into coffee dates with friends and share your opinion on social media.
  6. Support your local makers. Artisans exist right in your backyard. Take to the web to find some of the talented craftsmen and women in your area, and consider buying local.

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