The Mustard Seed is run exclusively by our community volunteers — we couldn’t exist without them!

We are so grateful to the women who have committed their time and energy to keep our little fair trade shoppe going. Their gifts of self help us to continue affecting change, both locally and globally, through donations to organizations that support women and children.

“I love working at the Mustard Seed because it connects me with women of my community who work and shop in the store AND, more importantly, it connects me with the women of the world who make our products.” – Ruth S.

Volunteers spend their time staffing the store, checking out customers, sorting, pricing and displaying products, and helping with whatever needs to be done! They truly keep us going and we want to say THANK YOU!

“Volunteering at the Mustard Seed opens my world to new people, new ideas, new products and makes a difference in the lives of people all over our world. Not only do we support the artisans who make the beautiful products we sell but we give to organizations around the world that exist to improve the lives of woman and children faced with life struggles that are hard to imagine. It’s a small way for me to give back to something much bigger than myself.” – Mary A.

Are you interesting in becoming a volunteer at The Mustard Seed? Contact Judy at

“Saturday mornings have always been my #1 choice! I look forward to watching the town wake up and I’ve always enjoyed my early-bird customers……and I don’t have to do any end-of-the-day accounting!!! – Robyn S.