Blue Sky Infinity Silk Scarf


The picture doesn’t do justice to the shine and silky feel of this piece.  It adds a warming glow to the wearer.

Crafted by Thailand Woman using an impressive age old process.


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Made in Thailand

Material: Silk

Review:  Earlier this year, before international travel restrictions went into effect,  I purchased a similar scarf while visiting a silk factory in Thailand.  There I observed women working together in large non air conditioned rooms (factory) in a multi-step silk production process.   First, they fed silk worms mulberry leaves to grow to cocoon stage.  They then took the cocoons and dryed, boiled and unwound the silk filaments to form raw silk threads. The delicate threads were placed onto wooden looms and wound together to form the piece.  Last, the piece was cut, tied and hand soaked in various barrels of dye before drying.  The process of creation for one piece takes typically 4 to 8 days.   Patricia H.