Handcrafted Upcycled Indian Sari Yoga Bag


Saris have been present in Indian culture and imagery for thousands of years.  Goddesses of beauty, knowledge and power are depicted draped in these colorful garments.   Now you can carry a piece of this rich traditional garb with this beautiful upcycled sari reincarnated into a vibrant yoga mat bag. Features sturdy braided strap and bag close ties with pom accents.

Each purchase of this practical eco-chic accessory empowers women artisans to build sustainable livelihoods and communities.

Note: Due to the upcycled nature of this item, it comes in assorted colors and patterns based on the saris available to artisans. The bag you receive may not be the same color or pattern as the bag shown.







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Made in North West India
Materials: upcycled Indian saris.