We are proud to support Beacon Place through our 2015 Fashion Show. Beacon Place provides the home base – the beacon of hope on the corner – so that individuals and families can access the support they need to become stronger, together.
    DONOR SPOTLIGHT: Opportunity International
    Opportunity International unleashes the power of entrepreneurs in the developing world. Our innovative approach and services allow more people to expand their businesses, create jobs and change the world.
    FAIR TRADE SPOTLIGHT: Chicago Fair Trade
    CFT is proud to be a local and national leader in raising awareness about and building support for fair trade and its principles of environmental sustainability, ethical production methods, fair wages, and safe working conditions.
  • Welcome to The Mustard Seed, a fair trade shop!

    We pay artisans from developing countries a fair price for their work so that they are able to make a sustainable living. We then donate ALL of our profits to local and global organizations to support women and children. When you shop at The Mustard Seed, not only are you buying a beautiful gift, YOU are making a difference!